Cathy Gabrielle Wallace

Vocal Performance and Musical Theater Classes



Performance each class

Song, Monologue, and Movement

Material selected for individual

Professional accompanist provided

Previously offered through Culver City Adult School from 1999 through 2015



Prepare for a career on stage or find your own voice in song. 

Evaluate your skills and define areas needing attention. 

Through song interpretation and vocal development, emphasis is on range, clarity, pitch, and phrasing. 

Learn how to approach your stage presentation in posture, attitude, and movement. 

Using songs and monologues, present scenes with little more than yourself on stage. 

Believable on-stage performance challenges the student to rise above his/her conceptions about ability. 

The instructor is a full-time singing and performance teacher with broad experience on stage herself. 

Come and enjoy your discovery of the art of song and stage.